Autologous Fat Transfer

Autologous Fat Transfer

Autologous Fat Transfer webinars and live surgery training

Autologous Fat Transfer
  • Demo of Principles of Fat Grafting


  • Fat Grafting to Upper Breast, J Frame

    TWS0010pt4 How to safely inject fat for breast contouring? Fat harvesting is a rapidly growing surgical procedure for many areas of the body that require soft tissue contour alterations.

    This live surgical demonstration shows how to re-inject fat in a safe and effective manner to correct br...

  • Fat Harvesting Abdomen to Aquavage, James Frame 3

    TWS0010pt3 Fat Grafting is experiencing a massive surge of popularity throughout the world. Fat harvesting techniques can vary, but the principles are much the same and are well described by Coleman.

    The volumes of fat collected is increasing as the areas receiving the fat become larger. In...