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  • The 'R' Facelift by Mr Muhammad Riaz

    2 videos

    It’s taken two-and-a-half years to perfect the technique, but Riaz’s R-Lift facelift is proving popular. ‘Since I launched it, I’ve done nothing else,’ he says. That’s because it’s far less invasive than traditional facelifts.

    Here, the skin is not lifted – instead, he makes an R-shaped incis...

  • Male Plastic Surgery

    3 videos

    Contributors include Paul Levick and James Frame

  • 'Dermal Wings' Breast Reduction, Mr Muhammad Riaz

    2 videos

    The 'Dermal Wings' Technique for Modified Breast Reduction and Mastopexy: In this module on Breast Reduction, Mr Muhammad Riaz demonstrates the surgical technique of the Dermal Wing Breast Reduction with an edited 42 minute live surgical video. This is accompanied by Muhammad’s webinar presentat...

  • Breast Augmentation

    4 videos

    Contributors include Garrick Georgiou, Simon Smith, Azhar Aslam and James Frame

  • Blepharoplasty
    4 videos


    4 videos

    Contributors include Chris Inglefield, James Fram, James McDiarmid, Andy Chiang

  • Autologous Fat Transfer

    3 videos

    Autologous Fat Transfer webinars and live surgery training

  • Current Hair Transplant Techniques, Greg Williams

    2 videos

    In the first of two webinars on Current Hair Restoration Techniques, Dr Greg Williams discusses the differences between hair transplant donor harvesting methods.
    When would / should you use the STRIP FUT donor method over the FUE method? What are the advantages of each and what factors do you t...

  • Pinnaplasty
    2 videos


    2 videos

    In these two excellent and fully descriptive surgical technique videos, the renowned Plastic and ear reconstruction surgeon Mr Tariq Ahmad, presents his Posterior Approach Pinnaplasty (correction of prominent ears) technique using resorbable polydioxanone (PDS) sutures.

    Refinements of surgic...

  • Body Contour Surgery: Learn Brazilian Techniques

    3 videos

    Lifestyles are constantly evolving. The twenty-first century has seen the massive rise of celebrity culture, creating a future generation of aspiring cosmetic surgery patients. How would the Brazilian buttock have become such an aspirational body shape across the globe, without the attention that...

  • Superior Pedicle Mastopexy and Fat Grafting

    6 videos

    Primary breast augmentation in a young average-sized patient is normally a fairly straight forward surgical procedure. More challenging is aesthetic breast surgery in women that are more advanced in years or who have a degree of ptosis to begin with.

    In this series of surgical videos, we show ...

  • Breast Augmentation: Polyurethane Surface Implants

    3 videos

    Breast enlargement with a silicone implant has been the world’s most popular cosmetic surgical procedure since the early 1960’s. The advent in 1970, of the polyurethane surface breast implant to address the most common complication of this surgery, capsular contraction, has led many plastic surge...

  • Non-Surgical Aesthetics

    7 videos

  • Liposuction
    3 videos


    3 videos

  • Rhinoplasty
    3 videos


    3 videos

  • Gynaecomastia / Andromastia

    3 videos

    40% of men are affected by over development of the male breast – according to BAAPS. What to do and how to treat? Gynaecomastia, from the Greek for “gynae” (women) and “mastia” (breast) should perhaps be called andromastia – “male breast” and indeed this is the popular term to describe man-boobs ...

  • Abdominoplasty
    2 videos


    2 videos

    Webinars: Abdominoplasty

  • The Modern Facelift: Short Scar, Short Stay, Safe

    6 videos

    Don’t lose your patients!

    Facelifts used to be the domain of aesthetic surgeons. However, lifestyle changes and increasingly effective non-invasive techniques mean that patients are looking for shorter downtime. And patients are being taken away from surgeons.

    Have you noticed this happenin...