Contributors include Chris Inglefield, James Fram, James McDiarmid, Andy Chiang

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  • Non-Surgical Eyelift, Chris Inglefield

    TWS0034 The rise in non-surgical treatments sought by today’s patients is staggering. In blepharoplasty alone, whilst the volume of surgical operations has reduced by 12% in the past year, non-surgical tightening of the skin surrounding the eyes has grown by 154%.

    Will any patients have or w...

  • Upper Blepharoplasty, James Frame

    TWS0008 In this live surgery film, Prof James D Frame performs upper blepharoplasty and removal of fat pads.

  • Facelift, Neck Surgery, Blepharoplasty, J McDiarmid

    TWS0016 In this presentation, Mr James McDiarmid talks about his current surgical techniques for facelift, neck surgery and blepharoplasty.

    James discusses his private cosmetic practice and how this has changed over the past 15-years as a consultant, from the more aggressive surgical techniq...

  • Asian Upper Blepharoplasty, A Chiang

    In this presentation, Dr Chiang focuses his attention on the eyes, perhaps the most striking of all the facial features. He discusses how trends and desired features have changed throughout history and how the modern western appearance has influenced a staggering increase in blepharoplasty surger...