• Closed Approach to Rhinoplasty, J Frame

    TWS0012 In this Webinar, Prof James D Frame presents tips and techniques for performing a closed Rhinoplasty for nasal tip, alar, columella and dorsum.

  • Rhinoplasty in Racial Subgroups, Rana Das-Gupta

    TWS0017 Mr Rana Das-Gupta, the renowned facial plastic surgeon from University Hospital Warwick discusses the many challenges and surgical techniques for rhinoplasty in all the various ethnic noses, including Asian, African, Armenian, and Polynesian.

    A fascinating and valuable introduction to...

  • Rhinoplasty, Open and Closed, Tariq Ahmad

    TWS0015 In this presentation, Mr Tariq Ahmad presents his long and experienced approach to aesthetic open and closed rhinoplasty techniques. He also discusses his post-operative survey that takes into account the patient’s and other surgical colleagues opinion of his post-rhinoplasty results, wit...