Breast Augmentation: Polyurethane Surface Implants

Breast Augmentation: Polyurethane Surface Implants

Breast enlargement with a silicone implant has been the world’s most popular cosmetic surgical procedure since the early 1960’s. The advent in 1970, of the polyurethane surface breast implant to address the most common complication of this surgery, capsular contraction, has led many plastic surgeons to try these implants, even if only for patients that have already developed a contracture.

How do you learn to use a polyurethane implant correctly? These implants are NOT the same as a smooth or textured silicone breast implant; how they interact with the breast tissues and how they feel and position afterwards can be a challenge, even to an experienced plastic and breast surgeon.

In this excellent series of presentations and live surgical videos, we go through the whole process of breast augmentation with polyurethane surface implants with two of the world’s leading experts - surgeons who have used thousands of these implants. They know how to handle, place and select the implants to give the best results and the least problems and complications. This module covers live surgical implantation procedures for both primary and secondary breast augmentation, showing how these implants - in the right hands - are easy to place and even easier to remove. These are must-see videos for all plastic and breast surgeons who have any interest in using these prostheses. In addition, there's a presentation of the results that can be achieved by selecting the right implant FOR THE RIGHT PATIENT, by Mr Garrick Georgeu, who has performed the world’s largest number of breast augmentations using the conical shaped polyurethane surface implant.

Breast Augmentation: Polyurethane Surface Implants
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