The Modern Facelift: Short Scar, Short Stay, Safe

The Modern Facelift: Short Scar, Short Stay, Safe

Don’t lose your patients!

Facelifts used to be the domain of aesthetic surgeons. However, lifestyle changes and increasingly effective non-invasive techniques mean that patients are looking for shorter downtime. And patients are being taken away from surgeons.

Have you noticed this happening in your practice?

You can do safer, smaller operations that require less downtime and are more effective than non-surgical solutions, to keep these patients. This module shows you how to adapt to this changing landscape – you need to learn less invasive but surgically effective techniques, to get patients back from your non-surgical competitors.

Contributors include Dr Greg Mueller MD, Mr Vik Vijh, Prof James Frame, and Mr James McDiarmid.

The Modern Facelift: Short Scar, Short Stay, Safe
  • Placement of Trampoline Platysmaplasty, Greg Mueller

    TWS0029 Pain in the NECK! The neck lift is a difficult procedure which is often the first part of an extended facelift to fail. In the world of movie stars and business executives that is Los Angeles, being a Facial Plastic Surgeon can be a demanding place to practice.

    Dr Greg Mueller MD is a...

  • Flicklift Flap

    How do you compete with the non-surgical practice that offers "lunch-break" facelift at the local beauty parlor?

    The development of Facelift techniques has seen a shift from large surgical undermining and raising of large mid-face and neck flaps, to more simple and less invasive procedures, th...

  • Vector Mini-Facelifting, James Frame

    TWS0027 A unique perspective on the development of facelifts. The twentieth century saw some of the most dramatic technological changes to society - the birth of the internet, the mobile phone with increasingly advanced cameras - all leading to the "selfie" culture and to a new narcissism where f...

  • The Future of Facial Reconstruction, Andrew Burd

    TWS0035 “What are the roles of surgeons today, and who is qualified to conduct cosmetic and aesthetic surgery?” These are among the questions asked in this inspirational, uplifting – and very challenging – webinar from Prof Burd.

    The webinar is also a very personal and thought-provoking journe...

  • Short Scar Face Lifts, Vik Vijh

    TWS0030 Safety first for facelifts, says Mr Vik Vijh, plastic surgeon and star of TV's Extreme Makeovers, You Are What You Eat, 10 Years Younger and many more. As the founder of the Beauty Gurus Cosmetic Surgery, and Consultant at Europe's largest Hospital, Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, ...

  • Facelift, Neck Surgery, Blepharoplasty, J McDiarmid

    TWS0016 In this presentation, Mr James McDiarmid talks about his current surgical techniques for facelift, neck surgery and blepharoplasty.

    James discusses his private cosmetic practice and how this has changed over the past 15-years as a consultant, from the more aggressive surgical techniq...