Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation

Contributors include Garrick Georgiou, Simon Smith, Azhar Aslam and James Frame

Breast Augmentation
  • Breast Augment Local Anaesthesia, Azhar Aslam

    TWS0048 This excellent video webinar demonstrates a complete Breast Augmentation under local anaesthetic, from surgical and patient perspectives.

    Mr Azhar Aslam trained as a plastic and reconstructive surgeon in the UK; he was awarded a scholarship from the Royal College of Physicians and Su...

  • Breast Augmentation Sub-fascial Implants, J Frame

    TWS0006 In this live surgery film, Prof James D Frame demonstrates the surgical technique for a primary breast augmentation using conical polyurethane surface breast implants in a sub-fascial pocket and use of the no-touch insertion technique with sleeve.

  • Breast Augmentation Mastopexy, Garrick Georgeu

    TWS0003 Breast augmentation is easy, isn't it?!! Well no, not all of them are straightforward, eg young patients with no breast ptosis and adequate breast tissue.

    So, how do you carry out a breast augmentation on a patient who actually requires a mastopexy, but doesn't want the additional scar...

  • Mastectomy + Breast Reconstruction, S Smith

    TWS0005 Is your Hospital Trust giving you a hard time about your spend on Breast Reconstruction techniques? Why do you need those expensive ADM's - that you didn't need two years ago?

    This live surgery video shows how Mr Simon Smith, Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon at St Andrew's Centre for Plas...