Body Contour Surgery: Learn Brazilian Techniques

Body Contour Surgery: Learn Brazilian Techniques

Lifestyles are constantly evolving. The twenty-first century has seen the massive rise of celebrity culture, creating a future generation of aspiring cosmetic surgery patients. How would the Brazilian buttock have become such an aspirational body shape across the globe, without the attention that the media has focussed on the Kardashians?

In this series of videos you can learn how to achieve that Brazilian Gluteal augmentation with the intra-muscularly placed silicone implant. You'll see demonstrated the various frames of gluteal body shape and how they are affected by the placement of a silicone implant, the pocket planning, and dissection prior to the placement of the implant.

Another area of interest for the body-conscious is the calf muscle. In this module you can also watch and learn exactly how to plan, create the pocket and place an implant for calf augmentation. This growing aesthetic surgery practice for both male and female patients is a must see for all plastic and aesthetic surgeons.

Finally, we are not ignoring the other widely-used technique for body contouring surgery - fat grafting. This massively growing surgical process has quickly developed into one of today’s most commonly practiced cosmetic surgery procedures. Mr Shailesh Vadodaria talks us through the whole process of body contour surgery, from correction of post-obese skin and tuck procedures, to the ever increasing use of moving body fat and lipo-filling procedures to correct or alter body contour irregularities. A fantastic and must-see module of videos if you are an aspiring cosmetic surgeon - and equally interesting for experienced surgeons.

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Body Contour Surgery: Learn Brazilian Techniques
  • Intra-Muscular Gluteal Augment, J Frame

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  • Sub-Fascial Calf Augmentation, J Frame

    TWS0002 Enhance your practice and surgical skills, with this simple, effective and rewarding cosmetic technique.

    Calf augmentation with an implant is an increasingly popular cosmetic surgical procedure that requires a plastic surgeon's skills. There are a growing number of male and female pa...

  • Aesthetic Surgery of the Obese, S Vadodaria

    TWS0025 In this presentation, Dr. Shailesh Vadodaria discusses his surgical options and techniques for aesthetic surgery on the obese patient and on patients after dramatic weight loss.

    He presents his method of Pseudoundermining of the tissue flaps using Power Assisted Liposuction (PAL) and...