• Liposuction to Abdomen

    TWS0023 Liposuction to Abdomen

  • Aesthetic Surgery of the Obese, S Vadodaria

    TWS0025 In this presentation, Dr. Shailesh Vadodaria discusses his surgical options and techniques for aesthetic surgery on the obese patient and on patients after dramatic weight loss.

    He presents his method of Pseudoundermining of the tissue flaps using Power Assisted Liposuction (PAL) and...

  • Lipoplasty – Get the Best Results, Riccardo Frati

    TWS0026 In this presentation, Dr Riccardo Frati discusses his personal journey and experiences of Liposuction surgery and techniques. He explores the difference between male and female anatomical considerations and how liposuction can be used to alter body shape, how various ethnic groups have di...