Breast Augmentation

  • Breast Augmentation

    4 videos

    Contributors include Garrick Georgiou, Simon Smith, Azhar Aslam and James Frame

  • Breast Augmentation: Polyurethane Surface Implants

    3 videos

    Breast enlargement with a silicone implant has been the world’s most popular cosmetic surgical procedure since the early 1960’s. The advent in 1970, of the polyurethane surface breast implant to address the most common complication of this surgery, capsular contraction, has led many plastic surge...

  • Superior Pedicle Mastopexy and Fat Grafting

    6 videos

    Primary breast augmentation in a young average-sized patient is normally a fairly straight forward surgical procedure. More challenging is aesthetic breast surgery in women that are more advanced in years or who have a degree of ptosis to begin with.

    In this series of surgical videos, we show ...

  • Breast Augment Local Anaesthesia, Azhar Aslam

    TWS0048 This excellent video webinar demonstrates a complete Breast Augmentation under local anaesthetic, from surgical and patient perspectives.

    Mr Azhar Aslam trained as a plastic and reconstructive surgeon in the UK; he was awarded a scholarship from the Royal College of Physicians and Su...